Mission Statement

The concept of commemorating and resurrecting Summit Magazine first enter my mind shortly after the death of Helen Kilness a very inspirational person in my life. Jene Crenshaw her partner and co-publisher has also been a very important lady to me. I felt that the accomplishments that these two women have done needs to be recognized and digitized. Also the beautiful imagery and educational and historic prose from between the pages of the magazine needed to be made available for future generations.

The original magazine was about mountaineering and while this new version will maintain deep roots in that field I think Summit should be expanded to include many accomplishments and achievements in life.

I have often said that I love getting to the top of mountains. More controversially, I believe it is easy. What I mean by that is not in the logistics of moutaineering but in some of the basic concepts. For starters you know what the goal is. Secondly, you can see the goal in front of you. If you continue to take steps toward your goal you are usually getting closer. Next you know when you have reached your goal. Finally, reaching the top changes your goal because getting to the top without returning safely is well no offense to those that have perished but to me it is pointless. Very few things in my life have been that obvious.

Both Jene and Helen were ground breakers in mountaineering, publishing but also in other areas of their lives. They both are members of the Greatest Generation and served their country honorably as World War II veterans. When the war ended they were stuck on the East Coast with their pay and not a lot of choices to get home so they pooled their money and bought an Indian motorcycle and rode across the country.

It is my immediate goal to purchase, scan, categorize and import the old magazines into this digital format.